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Following a considerable amount of community consultation, the first Foxton Neighbourhood Plan was 'made' by Harborough District Council on 27 January 2017 following a successful local referendum.

The Plan is over three years old and we have decided to review and update it to take account of the latest national planning advice, the adoption of the Harborough Local Plan in April 2019 and to respond to some of the planning decisions Harborough District Council has made in the last few years.

We expect all development to contribute positively to the creation of well-designed buildings and spaces. Through good design we want to maintain and enhance the unique character of Foxton and create places that work well for both occupants and users, and are built to last.

The Foxton Village Design Statement (VDS), first published in 2007, was updated and included in our first Neighbourhood Plan. The new Neighbourhood Plan retains this design guidance but with a small number of changes.

These revisions have been incorporated into a new Draft version of the Foxton Neighbourhood Development Plan.

However, the broad nature of the plan has changed little. After consulting with residents, the Hog Lane/Vicarage Drive site was removed from the plan as it no longer had local support.

The reviewed plan will now be sent to Harborough District Council, who will need to consult more widely. The plan will then be sent to the examiner, who will decide whether the changes warrant a referendum.

Over the last few years our Neighbourhood Plan has been used to decide planning applications in the area. Greenfield land on the edge of the village has been protected from development. Important Local Green Spaces within the village have been safeguarded. The review will make sure the Plan is still relevant and up to date, but it will take months to complete. In the meantime planning applications will continue to be decided using the 2017 Neighbourhood Plan.

27 January 2017 Neighbourhood Plan Referendum Result:

Total Votes

Votes in favour

Votes against


122 individuals

98 individuals (80%)

24 individuals (20%)

35% of eligible Parishioners

Protecting the character of Foxton

The Parish Council has concluded that some material changes to the Neighbourhood Plan are required but the broad nature of the Plan should not change. No new housing or employment allocations are planned.

Neighbourhood Plan Policies

The main changes are:

  • Revisions to Policies F1 (Countryside), F5 (Ecology and Biodiversity), F12 (Housing Provision), F13 (Windfall Housing), F15 (Housing Mix);
  • Deletion of Policies concerning the development of Fisher's Farm, North Lane and the development of land at Middle Street and Vicarage Drive, as both sites now have planning permission;
  • New policies concerning non-designated heritage assets of archaeological interest and car parking; and
  • Revised definition of affordable housing.

Up to three dwellings at the junction of Vicarage Drive and Hog Lane were allocated in the Made Foxton Neighbourhood Plan. There have been no planning applications for the development of this site. The Parish Council is intending to retain this housing allocation in the new plan for the development of smaller houses. However, it is particularly keen to find out whether local people still support this proposal.

Note on the Nature of the Changes

In accordance with Neighbourhood Planning Guidance, the Qualifying Body needs to take a view on the changes and whether they are so substantial as to change the nature of the Plan and give reasons. Where modifications do not change the nature of the plan and the Planning Authority and Independent Examiner agree, a referendum is not required.

We want to conserve the unique character and identity of Foxton.

Our existing Neighbourhood Plan does this by safeguarding the local landscape, protecting the countryside between the village and nearby settlements, identifying green areas of local importance within Foxton, protecting and enhancing heritage assets and the natural environment, and through the design of new buildings.

Our new Neighbourhood Plan continues these policies but now we want to protect local
archaeology too. Ridge and furrow is an archaeological pattern of ridges and troughs created by a system of ploughing used in Europe during the Middle Ages, typical of the open field system. This feature of the farming system that predated Enclosure was characteristic of Leicestershire countryside, but very little ridge and furrow now remains in Foxton. A remnant of ridge and furrow can be found south of the canal, between the village and Foxton Locks and this is now planned for protection.

How much housing development, and where?

The Foxton Neighbourhood Plan must support the strategic development needs set out in the Harborough Local Plan, including policies for housing development. Taking account of completions, commitments and an allowance for windfall development, the Local Plan does not require Foxton to allocate additional sites for housing.

Committed housing developments are those sites allocated in the Foxton Neighbourhood Plan and sites with planning permission. The Foxton Neighbourhood Plan allocated three sites for housing development:

Fisher's Farm, North Lane
Outline planning permission (Ref: 16/01459/OUT) was granted on 8 February 2017.

A full planning application (Ref: 19/01336/FUL) for 11 dwellings was submitted in August 2019. Development has begun.

Land between Middle Street and Vicarage Drive
Full planning permission (Ref: 17/01354/FUL) was granted for the erection of six dwellings on 17 November 2017.

Development is complete.

A further eight dwellings had planning permission at 31 March 2019. They include five dwellings on the south side of North Lane (Ref: 18/01956/OUT) at its northern end.

Draft Plan