Planning Applications

This page contains undecided planning applications.

Foxton Parish Council receives details of applications, and are consulted on them. We submit our view (taking into account the views of local residents), but the District/Borough Council primarily look to us to provide local insight and may not follow our view.

Parish residents can also have their independent view and Foxton Parish Council strongly encourages this.

Here's how to do this

1) make a note of the references below

2) visit the HDC planning area (Click Here)

3) you are asked to input the reference - when you submit that you'll go to that specific planning application

4) you can make comments on the application directly via the website - you can also make comments to the Parish Council (via the Clerk)

Live applications:

  • Deadline date: 14 October
  • Location: The Old Vicarage, Vicarage Drive
  • Ref: 20/01173/FUL

Newly received 08.10.20

  • Deadline date:
  • Location: Land at Vicarage Drive
  • Ref: 20/01547/TPO


  • Deadline date:
  • Location: The Old Vicarage, Vicarage Drive
  • Ref: 20/01174/LBC

Important: Foxton Parish Council MUST respond to each application. This is 'one view' however. If you wish to add weight to a view, counter a view or make your own remarks, we urge you to do so. The Parish Council's (mandatory) response does not have the 'casting vote'