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Latest News

Speeding! First data shows we might have a problem. Call for volunteers to help.

Speeding!  First data shows we might have a problem.  Call for volunteers to help.

Posted: Thu, 16 Jul 2020 13:36 by Basil Fox

Our speed camera has produced its first data result from its placement at the entrance to the village from the A6. Some highlights:

The data range is 13th May - 13th July but not inclusive. This is because the camera's battery needs to be changed when it runs out of charge, and there have been 'down periods' of around 2 weeks in total. More »

Also - note that traffic volumes would have increased during the period as the 'lock down' was eased.

The data is captured at the mid point of the camera's analysis. Therefore - vehicles captured at 30mph or above, accelerating out of the village towards the A6 could well have been speeding before the 30mph limit. Equally, vehicles recorded entering the village at 30mph or above could well have been speeding at the village boundary 30mph area.

Number of vehicles recorded entering Foxton during the period: 15,836

Number of vehicles recorded leaving Foxton during the period: 18,288

Number of vehicles entering or leaving Foxton at 30mph - 40mph = 2172 (6%)

Number of vehicles entering or leaving Foxton at 40mph - 50mph = 334 (1%)

Number of vehicles entering or leaving Foxton at 50mph - 60mph = 25 (0.07%)

Nuumber of vehicles entering or leaving Foxton at 60mph plus = 2 (0.006%)

(7.4% of vehicles entering or leaving the village are speeding)

It's worth remembering that speeding fines SP30 carry 3 to 6 penalty points depending on the severity of the infringement.

We still have lots to learn about traffic in our village - DO WE HAVE A PROBLEM?


The Parish Council is looking for volunteers to help out with the following:

1) helping to change over batteries (estimated to be every 2 weeks - there are two of them and they are heavy so you'll need to be handy with a set of steps or step ladder)

2) helping to move the speed camera to one of its designated places in the village (no more than monthly - you'll need to be handy with a ladder and reasonably fit / strong because the unit is heavy)

3) participating in a 'Working Group' which will provide input and ideas on ways to address what we believe to be an issue.

Can you help out? Please in the first instance send Adele an email, or call her, on the details which are here. » Less


Posted: Fri, 03 Jul 2020 11:09 by Basil Fox

We are thrilled to add the first of hopefully a series of new events to our new digital calendar.

If you want to have your events added to this, it's easy and costs nothing - simply provide all the details on the contact form and we will do the rest.

Vicarage Drive closure in July for Severn Trent Water

Posted: Fri, 19 Jun 2020 14:17 by Basil Fox

Vicarage Drive will be closed to through-traffic soon, for Severn Trent Water to carry out new connections and maintenance.

Read more in the PLANNING / HIGHWAYS area of this website.